News update – March 2022

Salisbury Sisters Continue Retail Legacy

Young entrepreneurs and sisters, Becca and Nicola Hardingham are taking third-generation family-run designation cookware business Dinghams to new heights, inspiring cooks and homemakers everywhere but especially in Salisbury and the surrounding area.

Established by the sisters’ grandmother Ann Hardingham, the well-loved store was set up as a specialist cookware shop in 1984. Joined by their aunt Sarah in 2001, the duo served Salisbury’s cooking enthusiasts with Becca and Nicola helping out in the shop as teenagers.

The granddaughters, Becca (age 30) and Nicola (age 27 took over the business in 2017 and immediately faced the Salisbury poisonings with Becca featuring on SKY TV as a retail spokesperson. Following this, they’ve had the devastating effects of the pandemic to contend with. Despite these challenges, the team has pivoted how it operates and Dinghams is all the better for this.

Becca and Nicola Hardingham

With big plans for the store longer-term, Dinghams managing director Becca Hardingham explains: “Dinghams is already a destination for cooking enthusiasts locally but we wanted to take our product range to a wider audience and so launched our successful eCommerce website.”

With experience of working in the art, interior and creative design sectors following university, the ambitious pair is capitalising on the trend for home improvement introducing home accessories to complement the cookware side of Dinghams.

Above the shop, locals and visitors to Salisbury town centre enjoy the team’s fabulous café – it’s now a multi-faceted business.

The Dinghams team is growing too, Becca continues: “We now have an 11-strong team. Nicola and I work on range development and selection together with me managing the commercial side of the business and Nicola leading on the creative – she creates the fabulous windows and store displays and is one of our product experts on the shop floor.

“Our Aunty Sarah has also returned to the business supporting with product and stock management. Dinghams is going from strength to strength.

“Nicola and I have always loved working in the shop. Even when we went off to university to do our art and design degrees, we’d always be popping back to do our bit to help out.

“It got to the point where our grandma wanted to retire and our Aunty Sarah was keen to see more of the world and we saw an opportunity to take the shop on ourselves and we’ve not looked back.”