RUKIA: Medium Orange Colour Block Woven Basket

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These orange and natural colour block storage baskets are available in three handy sizes and can be used as flower pots and planters for indoor plants, desk tidies and fruit baskets. Turmeric is a colour that’s going to be seen everywhere in 2019: an enlivening orange that infuses just a hint of pungency into the palette. Use yours in the bathroom for toiletries or loo rolls, or pop yours on your dressing table for keeping jewellery and knick knacks all in one place.

These natural woven baskets are hand made by a small Kenyan weaving cooperative of around forty ladies who have practised the art of basket weaving from a young age, having been taught by mothers and grandmothers.  Sisal grass is sourced ready-rolled when regular orders come in from The Basket Room, and the sisal is hand-dyed under the supervision of the cooperative’s dye manager in large vats of boiling water. Next, the sisal is hung out to dry before an intricate twining method is used to create each individual basket.

Backing all the values of fair trade, our work with weaving cooperatives empowers women to support their families with a flexible income in the dry seasons, where subsistence farming often fails to meet the needs of the family. When you take home one of our woven baskets you actively support these weavers and their families, supporting our commitment to dignified working conditions