It’s Earth Day. The 50th anniversary.

The pandemic has taught the world we CAN dramatically reduce climate change and so save the planet, its species and its plants. It’s really not too late.

So here are a few of our favourite more sustainable products:

Nkuku’s Indigo Drop ceramic range is handmade in Vietnam using age old traditions that have remained unchanged for generations. Each piece is hand painted.

The Basket Room are fairtrade, produced sustainably and support local economies in Africa and absolutely beautiful!

Green Pan has a ceramic coating called Thermolon. No PFOA are used during manufacture and no toxins released upon heating, so healthier eating. 60% less CO2 emitted during production than traditional non-stick pans.

The Kochblume Stretch-ii is a flexible silicone disc that will stretch over containers for an airtight covering. Use less cling film with the reusable silicone stretch-ii.

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